Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit ~ Click It

I've made a habit of clicking mine on before leaving to go anywhere

I’ve made a habit of clicking mine on before leaving to go anywhere

Habit is the challenge this week.  Of all of mine, clicking on my seat belt is one habit that I consider essential.  Since the data strongly suggest that they save lives, I don’t understand why it is not a habit for everyone.

However, seat belts are not one hundred percent in guaranteeing safety behind the wheel, even with defensive driving practices.  While on the road in an automobile, too many things can go wrong.

That is true in life, as well.  Every day, while out on the road of life, we face unknown hazards and uncertainties.  None of us knows what today holds, or have any guarantees that we will still be around tomorrow.  Only God sees what lies ahead.

Before I leave to go anywhere, I make a habit of clicking my seat belt in place.  However, at the start of every day, I also go to the Lord in prayer and commit my safekeeping into His capable hands.  He knows the number of my days.

God does ask that we use the good judgment He gave us, so I will continue my habit of buckling.  When it comes to my well-being, though, I place my trust in God.  Come what may, my life clicks better with Him.

“Do not boast about tomorrow,
For you do not know what a day may bring forth.”
Proverbs 27:1

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From The Daily Post

Sue Nash/2013


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit ~ Click It

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  2. vonhonnauldt

    I know seat belts save lives! I was coming home from work late one night, and didn’t see the car sitting across my lane until it was too late. I hit it doing probably 30 mph, even though I slammed on the brakes. I went to the junkyard later to get some pictures of it, and the guy who drove the tow truck told me that when he saw the wreck, he was certain there were fatalities. Thank the Lord there weren’t. The other car – brand new, four days off the lot!

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