My Favorite Veteran

Photo of the shadowbox I had made of my dad with his Korean War medals

Photo of the shadow box I had made of my dad with his Korean War medals

On Veteran’s Day, I appreciate the sacrifices of all the men and women who served to keep us free, and I also appreciate those currently serving.  However, my favorite veteran will always be my dad.  Although he now lives in heaven, I am proud of his service to our country as a tank commander on the front lines in the Korean conflict. 

Above is a picture of the shadow box containing his Army photo and medals.  The one medal missing, he never accepted.  Though wounded twice by being shot and requiring surgery on his hand, he refused the Purple Heart, saying that ‘the real heroes are the ones who didn’t come home.

His family disagreed.  He was our hero.

Most of you have read my poem about him, but here’s the link for any who have never read about my Gentle Warrior

Blessings to all our vets as we celebrate their service to our country!

Sue Nash/2013


17 thoughts on “My Favorite Veteran

  1. Winterville First Baptist Church Media Center

    My dad served in the Korean War also, but he was stationed in Germany. He’s been gone for about 18 years now. I was a young mother when he passed away and what I would give to have him back to love on and to really sit down and listen to the stories of his life. My mom has given glimpses and it’s fun to learn things I didn’t know about him.
    I encourage every one with parents alive to spend time with them learning their stories.

    And I honor all of the veterans of our country, we love you and thank you for keeping us safe while putting yourself in harm’s way!

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      What a wonderful story about your dad, Debbie. He sounded like a treasure, as are so many from their generation. I agree about the part of listening to their stories. One of our regrets is that we didn’t tape record my dads. I know we’ll see him again, though. Thanks very much for sharing. A belated thanks to your dad for serving.

  2. robbyefaye

    Thanks for the tribute to your Dad.
    My Dad served during the Korean War in Okinawa. He wouldn’t tell us much about it though.
    My husband and son also served, thanks for the tribue.
    God’s Blessings.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      You are very welcome. I understand about your dad not wanting to talk about his experiences. My husband was one of the few who could get my dad to open up. Seemed to always help him when he did. I know you are very proud of your dad’s service. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jessie Williamson

    I love the shadow box—of course we loved your Dad also & still miss him as I know you all do. Who did the shadow box? I have been wanting to do something like this with Ed’s medals. Thanks for sharing. I love all your Heavenly Raindrops. Jessie W.

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  4. Rene Yoshi

    Your dad sounds like a humble man of strength. Must be where you got it. I recently attended a funeral at which the funeral program’s back cover listed qualities each of the adult children inherited from their mother. I couldn’t help but cry as I considered and hoped my children have inherited some of my positive characteristics as well. Praise the Lord, not only for your dad’s service to our country but to God’s kingdom in raising godly offspring.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Now you are making me cry Rene. Your words to me are so kind. People used to say that my dad and I were a lot alike and that was a compliment for me. The war scarred him greatly because of all the death he witnessed, but very few ever saw that side of him. I think he learned to cope by serving others and the love of His Savior and family. Thanks for your thoughtful words Rene. You are a gem.


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