Don’t Be Afraid ~ Pick Up the Most Important Book in the Room

Since my dad was a Gideon, I will always appreciate their work

Since my dad was a Gideon, I will always appreciate their work

While sitting in a doctor’s office, have you ever seen a Bible?  They are hard to find these days, but when there are among all the other reading materials.  I rarely see anyone choose to read it; yet, it the Bible is the most important book in the room. 

Many times, the Lord has convicted me about this, and even if I have already read His word that day, He asks that I pick up His word and read it silently in public.  I don’t know why, but when I do, there is always a twinge inside me about what others think. 

Why is that? 

Why should what others think matter?  And if they do object, why should it matter to others that we read the Bible?

Although it shouldn’t, it takes courage to pick up a Bible and read it in public. 

If the Lord prompts you to do so, don’t be afraid.  Pick it up.  The Bible is always the most important book in any room.

“Forever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven”
Psalm 119:89

Sue Nash/2013


24 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid ~ Pick Up the Most Important Book in the Room

  1. Karina Susanto

    Sis, your post was inspired me to put the Bible or some Christian Magazine in guest room at my office. Yes, I will give an order to my secretary to do it. Thank
    you so much for this very important reminder,sis. Blessings on your day.

  2. gwennonr

    I loved this post. I know what you mean about worrying about what others think, even though most of them will never see us again, whereas God’s love and friendship are forever. This was a good reminder to pursue what really matters: relationship with God. Thank you for writing it.

    May God rain and shower on you every good blessing!

      1. ddclaywriter

        a great ministry. Lots of people won’t admit it but they want to know what’s in the bible and like the man Philip met, they need someone to help them with understanding.

  3. Rene Yoshi

    I love the work the Gideons have done of putting Bibles in hotels and passing out New Testaments in schools. So true how rare it is to see Bibles in public anymore.

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  5. bobby90247

    “Good Post!”

    It is interesting that the Bible has been removed from most ALL waiting rooms that I have sat in for the past 10 – 20? years! OMG! Has it really been that long? Yep…I think so!

    However, since I use Public Transportation (the Bus), I DO see many people reading it, especially on the light rail system. Here in Gardena, where I live, I always engage the local bus drivers in discussion of how God has been “kicked-out” of our society. They ALL agree and Pray that this changes soon!

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      How awesome that you still see
      people bold enough to read it openly and that you are doing your part in spreading truth. Thanks for stopping by and very glad the message was a blessing!

      1. cuffesisters

        We have a soft spot for the Gideons and all the good work they do. BRING THE BIBLE BACK TO THE WAITING ROOMS! Hadn’t thought about it much, but now that you’ve brought it to my attention, I realize I haven’t seen one in a long time! Thanks for the nudge. Blessings, Sophie

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