Poetry ~ Framed From the Heart

Photo taken at Mynelle Gardens, Mississippi

Photo taken at Mynelle Gardens, Mississippi

Framing sentiments
Unleashed from the heart


Poetry isn’t for all.
I migrate towards it,
But not always effortlessly.
Poetry trains me.

When my pen has free reign
And my pages no end,
I ramble indefinitely.
Poetry tames me.

When my trials overwhelm
And my hope waxes thin,
I unload poetically.
Poetry sustains me.

When my time on earth ends,
And the mysteries in life penned,
  I’ll see how God rhymed it all perfectly,
 That poem will amaze me.

“There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries”
Daniel 2:28

Sue Nash/2013

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24 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Framed From the Heart

  1. Shelly

    Sue, loved the poem! I do not write poetry regularly but have written a couple of poems. Your poem has encouraged me to perhaps post one of them in the future. Thanks!

  2. cuffesisters

    I couldn’t put this on your blog, but your poem reminded me of one I saw in the library restroom.  There was so much graffiti on the walls, the library had them painted white.  Everything was spotless for a few days, then I saw this poem:  “The painters try to steal my pen, but the bathroom poet strikes again.”  I trust you’re keeping your poetry out of the restrooms!  LOL  Thanks so much for your poetry and your words of wisdom!

    Blessings Sophie

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