The Queen Strikes Again ~ God Loves Us Despite Our Mistakes

Queen of MistakesThe queen strikes again ~ the queen of mistakes.  I’m certain that none of you can reach my level of messing up.

As I mentioned in this earlier post, I have a problem with making a blundering mess out of situations, and it is very frustrating.   My latest was an embarrassing mistake, and one that the enemy used as an opportunity to steal my joy in serving others.

I have had a few days off from my nursing job.  Rather than go somewhere, I decided instead to play catch up on rest, but also to spend time with a few of my friends who are shut-in due to age or illness.

Prior to visiting two of them, I made some pumpkin bread to share, and wrote each a note of encouragement using special cards that I purchased from my friend Heidi Viars.  (*For anyone interested in Heidi’s cards, you can go to her site, Wings of the Dawn, and message her under comments.  Her cards each have one of her lovely photos attached and are beautiful).

The Queen of Mistakes in Action

In anticipation of spending time ministering to my suffering friends, I loaded the warm breads and the personalized cards into my car, and then headed out.  As soon as I arrived at the first house, the bungle occurred.

On the outside of each card, I used only the last name to differentiate.  Unfortunately, both names started with the letter B.  So, the queen grabbed the bread, but also inadvertently grabbed the wrong card, and did not realize the mistake until arriving at the second stop.

When I discovered the blunder, the enemy hammered me with embarrassment, and taunted that my good intentions were ruined.  He whispered that my friend who had gotten the wrong card probably felt slighted.  That she would consider herself just a box I had checked off before going on to others; she would surmise that she was nothing more to me than a stop on my route of delivering my meals on wheels.

I felt awful.

God Loves the Queen of Mistakes

Fortunately, I discovered the error before going inside the second house and was able to spare myself two humiliations in one day.  I called my first friend and apologized.  She was very gracious, but the enemy tried hard to put a damper on my visiting with the other friend.

God can heal any wound, though, even those caused by our own doing.  With His help, I quickly remembered that despite the enemy’s cruel jabs, God knew my heart.  He knew that both friends are dear to me and that my intentions were sincere.

God also reminded me that I am only human.  Yet He loves our jars of clay, even broken and messed up ones like mine!  Instead of beating me up over the mistake, God helped me to shake it off and even smile.

Right after I left the second house, I went right back to the other friend to give her the correct card.  When I asked her family what they should do about having a friend as messed as me, the reply was, “To love you more.”

That is exactly what God did.  Despite yet another mistake by the queen, God showed me that it did not change His opinion of me, either.  Since His love remains steadfast, it only makes Him love me more.

Has the enemy ever beat you up because of your mistakes?  Don’t let him.  Remember that God loves you just as you are, mistakes and all. 


14 thoughts on “The Queen Strikes Again ~ God Loves Us Despite Our Mistakes

  1. Karina Susanto

    Hi sis, good morning.
    Amen! Its very true that God’s love us as we are, no matter what. This evening after taking break from blog for 2 day I got another blessing from God through your writing. Thank you so much sis. Many love and blessing on your beautiful morning.

  2. Jane Bridges

    Sounds like some of MY kind of mistakes Sue!! God DOES love us unconditionally no matter what and the RIGHT kind of people love us that way too!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing…Love you!

  3. Rene Yoshi

    Aww…. That doesn’t sound like such a huge blunder, but I can see how it could be embarrassing. We are so often much harder on ourselves than others are on us. You have such a sweet, tender heart. ((hugs))

  4. greenlightlady

    Sue, you are the ‘Queen of Grace’. How kind and gracious of you to share this with us. I am certain that anyone who knows you will have thought the best and not been offended. Love believes the best in others. Another attempt of the enemy has been foiled and used for good – nice one, Sue! 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks for your kind words Wendy. God is so good to love and help us in all areas of our weaknesses. Blessed be His name and blessings back your way, sweet blogging friend.

  5. Julie Garro

    What a great story. And you are not the queen of mistakes, I AM!
    But it sounds like it all worked out, and your friends know your heart, if not from the note, from the delicious pumpkin bread. You are a great friend.


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