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Feature FridayOne thing I have discovered about bloggers is that there are all types of websites, reflective of the different audiences and personalities.  There are authors, photographers, artisans and forums.  There are organizations, businesses and individuals.

My blog features a combination of writing and images, but I follow plenty of sites that focus on message only.  For me, the bottom line is content, preferably posts that sharpen my understanding of the Word or feed my soul.  There does not have to bells, whistles or frills.  Solid biblical truths, informative posts or uplifting messages will suffice, no matter the format.

My Friday Feature is a dynamic, yet no-nonsense website; one that focuses on the consistent teaching of Scriptural truths.  My featured author is:

Settled in Heaven Ministries
by Rob Barkman

Most of you have probably already discovered Settled in Heaven Ministries.  A former pastor, Rob Barkman now uses his gifts of teaching and preaching to point others online to the truth of God’s word.  Rob has a thorough grasp of Scripture and excels at organizing information in a way that is understandable.

Since I have included the Proverbs of the day as part of my study routine for years, one of my favorite of Rob’s is his ‘Think on These Things‘ series.  I love how he takes sections of Proverbs and organizes them based on wisdom principles.

I also enjoy his videos, and along with these he offers text files.

On the Easy Access Home Page, you will find further links to the wonderful study options Rob offers readers:

Latest Postings, Scripture Thoughts, Small Group Bible Studies, Daily Devotionals, Bible Studies, Video Bible Studies

I hope you check out his wonderful site, filled with plenty of study choices and all solid truth.  We love your teaching, Rob!

Sue Nash


9 thoughts on “Friday Feature ~ SIH

  1. Karina Susanto

    God morning,sis.
    Talk about SIH and the author Rob Barkman, same like you, I learned so much from Rob. I never forget his comment on my old post “I am just a small Lantern” He said: ” Hidden light in the stairwell is more important than a light bulb in the chandeler” I really impressed! Totally agree, sis!

  2. Rob Barkman


    Thank you so much for your kind words and your featuring of SIH Blog.

    I want to thank the Lord for His grace that He has shown to me in so many ways:
    1. His gracious salvation that He has given to me,
    2. His Word that has been such a blessing to me throughout my life,
    3. my physical health,
    4. my wonderful wife, Eva, who has taken care of me and been so supportive of me in the ministry
    5. the SIH blog which has given me the privilege of sharing His Word with others after my retirement,
    6. and also those, like yourself, who have been a blessing to me by so faithfully following my blog and also sharing the Word with me in your own blogs.

    I have so much to be thankful for… it is only because of my Lord that I can do anything for Him. Over the years, I have come to learn experientially that “without (the Lord) I can do nothing”.

    Because of this, I just wanted to leave this comment of thanks to you to to remind everyone that may read your kind words, that truly, the Lord is the One to be honored and glorified. If He has used me in any way it is only by His grace and mercy.

    Lord bless you my friend. Thank you once again for the very kind and undeserved words of encouragement.



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