Friday Feature ~ The Eagle Has Landed

Feature Friday
Just when I think I have him all figured out, I realize that I don’t.  Although I tried on many occasions to convince my husband to start a blog, he had always ignored my suggestion.  I finally quit nagging and concluded he never would.  Last week, he proved me wrong.  My husband finally launched a WordPress blog.  For this Friday Feature, I am proud to present,

Eagle Has Landed Header Image

The Eagle Has Landed
by Jim Nash

My husband writes what interests him.  Since he loves politics and sports, his site will no doubt include these topics.  Because he is also a Christian and conservative, both viewpoints will be clear, and for neither one is he ashamed.  He is someone who sticks to his convictions.

I have shared with my readers in earlier posts that my husband is a pilot, but he also has a degree in journalism.  You can tell he has this background by his news-oriented style. 

I have always appreciated his attentiveness to the current events of the day, but especially love his research and take on issues.  He will offer readers consistent, conservative insights and informative posts from someone who has a deep love for his country and Lord. 

Blessing as you join Jim on his blogging journey!


22 thoughts on “Friday Feature ~ The Eagle Has Landed

  1. The Eagle Has Landed

    Thank you to my beautiful bride for recommending my blog. You hear my rants every night. Now others can too.


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