Friday Fill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank


Today, instead of posting my thoughts, I want to hear from you.

*Share a verse from your devotion or a song for the day.
*Post a link to your site with a brief summary.

After posting, please read others thoughts and leave a comment.Β 
Today is a day for connecting with fellow bloggers and directing readers back to your site.

Begin the dialogue.Β  Simply fill in the blank.

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I look forward to hearing a snippet of what’s on your heart today!


66 thoughts on “Friday Fill in the Blank

  1. allbuthomeless

    Lots honestly, but today is my eldest granddaughter’s 10th birthday and I can’t be there despite the fact she lives only 2 hours away. It’s the third birthday celebration I missed this year due to my situation.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      I pray the God would bring you peace in the midst of this struggle and help heal any of the hurt these missed birthdays have brought to you and those involved. He alone is able. Thanks for sharing.

    2. forestmtnhike

      Hi, yes, may the Lord bring you comfort and supply you with His grace today, and I pray that your daughter would understand. Hugs to you.

    1. Rene Yoshi

      What a beautiful song. I had not heard it yet, and I really appreciate when blogger friends post songs that have touched them. Thank you, Mr. Shields! πŸ™‚

      1. Ann "afriendforever54" Friend

        Glory to God! I thought my comment did not take. I had posted a second one, please disregard my second one. Thank you for your kind words πŸ˜„ and the opportunity to share on your blog. πŸ˜„ God bless you!!

  2. Rene Yoshi

    There have been so many things on my heart, including the deepest desire of my heart, which echoes Mr. Shields’ comment. I want so much to glorify the Lord and not cause anyone to be confounded because of me. (Psalm 69:5, 6) Like Paul expressed in his letter to the Romans, I do things I don’t want to do and don’t do things I do want to do, which makes me all the more conscious and grateful for God’s amazing grace.

    1. Heidi Viars

      I so hear what you are saying … I sense the more I get to know Him, the more I am aware of how far I fall short … I desire so much to know Him more and increasingly tremble at His holiness. If these glimpses of Him are so marvelous, can you just imagine what heaven will be like. Lets keep encouraging one another in pressing on toward the goal … namely to get to know Jesus better every day!

    1. forestmtnhike

      Hello Karina, thank you for sharing that video. I watch it and enjoyed it very much!:) I love listening to hymns and singing them also. Grace&blessings to you today, Rose

    2. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Karina, the video imagery that accompanies Greg Howlett’s playing is so stunning! I tried for six years to learn to play the piano, but never could progress. One of my longings in heaven is to learn to play the piano well. I figure that maybe after practicing a million years or so, I should get better! πŸ™‚

      1. Karina Susanto

        Good morning sis Sue. I am sorry I couldn’t hold laugh when read this πŸ™‚ You much better than me ever learn piano for six years. I never learn piano at all but ever had a grand piano when I was teen. That is silly right?? πŸ™‚

      2. heavenlyraindrops Post author

        Thanks, Karina. I wasn’t sure if anyone would even comment but I have really enjoyed today’s format and loved what others have written. Yes, we are the same with our pianos – only it sounds like yours was a lot nicer than mine! πŸ™‚

  3. forestmtnhike

    Greetings to you all~ I read two verses this morning that really supplied me:

    John 15:7 If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you. Ephesians 6:17 And receive the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which Spirit is the word of God, (18) By means of all prayer and petition, praying at every time in spirit…
    I was sent these verses from eManna (an online free subscription that delivers to your email the Word of God daily- like a daily devotions). I read those two verses along with a short reading from the Words of Ministry section. I enjoyed that we not only need to read the Word, but digest it. I hope these verses encourage and nourish many of you today!:)
    You can subscribe to eManna here:
    Rose @

  4. cottageonstrawberry

    Thinking on a post I wrote and seeing Jesus as the great Choreographer of our life. He places our feet in beautiful dance moves that keep tune to the perfect melodies of heaven. Sometimes we stumble; but He picks us right up. Sometimes we make the wrong move; but He gentle guides us back into harmony with the rest of His flock. Sometimes we miss a beat; but He opens our ears to the joy He gives. Sometimes we can’t comprehend the story playing; but He opens our eyes wider than they’ve ever been before. Sometimes we don’t like what is being told; but He leads us by Truth. Love. Hope. Love. Corrects us. Loves us. Thank you so much for allowing us to share Sue. Some wonderful comments and links xx

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks for sharing the link to your story and poem. have never had a panic attack but as a nurse, know them to cause very real physical symptoms. I pray that you never have to go through one again. Sounds like your daughters were real troopers! Love your poetry!

  5. Heidi Viars

    What a wonderful post … I love what you did and the way we can connect here. I am grateful for your prayers the other day/night. We made it home fine. While it’s so sad to be this far away from loved ones (and you know how that feels), it is good to be back home.
    God has recently taught me about forgiveness and love and my choice in what I remember about the ones close to me. I wrote about it here
    I so appreciate your heart for us bloggers, your encouragement, your prayers, and mostly love for Jesus πŸ™‚ Be blessed, sister!

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Heidi, I do hope others follow your link and read that post. When I read it, The Lord spoke to my heart about choosing to focus on good memories between me and a prodigal. Despite some rocky places, we still have many special moments. Thanks for the feedback. As I told Karina, I was not sure how others would respond but found that this has been a blessing both to me and those who shared between each other. So glad you are back home safely!

      1. Heidi Viars

        It’s so hard for me to remember to forget … at times I get stuck replaying hurtful moments when, truth be told, there are many wonderful times to recall.
        Thanks again for your prayers and heart, Sue!

  6. Greg Taylor

    I saw a flock of Canada Geese fly over my house yesterday, a honking V-shaped band on a mission going Northwest, maybe on a practice run for migration. God’s creation sings His praise.


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