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Feature FridayI have always loved photography, but several years ago I also discovered that I enjoy image work, especially using Adobe Illustrator.  I learned this about myself, when God called me to start a Christian jewelry and T-shirt business.  Since I designed my T-shirts, I spent hours in online tutorials learning Illustrator as best I could, in order to get the designs to print, and used my amateur photography skills for taking pictures of my jewelry for display on my website.  Sadly, the business did not make it (a story for another time), but I still love working with images.

On my current website, you may have noticed that I often post photos of mine with Scriptures imbedded into the files.  I also occasionally design a concept of a vector image that God puts on my heart.  I thought that creating a Face Book page would be a nice place to house this work, but the inspirational designs just seem to sit on my page with few shares.  My heart is for these images to touch as many lives as possible with the truth of God’s word. 

As a result, a few weeks ago I decided to launch another WordPress website for giving my God-inspired designs a home.  Wanting to keep things simple, I kept the name similar to this blog.  My Friday Feature today is a way to introduce my readers to my latest endeavor:

Heavenly Raindrops ~ Images

Heavenly Raindrops ImagesThe first thing I did was to create a header image.  My goal was to keep the concept of the raindrop consistent, and the photo above of one of my roses does have a single raindrop poised on the edge of the petal protruding to the right, but the image is so small that the raindrop does not show up.  I may eventually change this, but for now this is my new header.  At least the red rose on the black makes it look all the more velvety!

I wanted the new site dynamic, so I chose a WordPress theme called Oxygen.  On the home page, there is a six-image slider which continually scrolls back and forth to showcase some of my latest posts.  I have loaded some of my older images all week, and will have the slider full by the time this post publishes.  Below is a screenshot I took yesterday.

HeavenlyRaindrops Images screenshotOne of the features about the new theme that I have not yet resolved is how to enable readers to scroll infinitely.  The settings states that it allows for this, but since it does not appear to work correctly, it would be better to use my Categories option on the left column field to search for images.  I have several images imbedded under these categories, and will be adding more over the next few weeks of both old and new ones.

As I mentioned above, my heart is for others to freely share these images.  On each post, there is an option for posting them to Face Book, Twitter, etc.  I pray that others will do so.  I have the following disclaimer about using my images on each post:

Feel free to share or use on other websites ~ no fee.  Just don’t use for commercial purposes or monetary gain.  Attribution back to this site would be nice, but not required.

Since this new website is separate from my regular blog, to receive these regular posts, you will have to Follow me by clicking this button from the home page.  I would love to have my current readers also join Heavenly Raindrops ~ Images.  Unlike my regular blog, this new site will only include a photo or image with a short verse, a one sentence descriptor about the photo, a link back to the article on my main website and my disclaimer.  

For every one of my images, I allow the Lord to speak to me about what verse to use, so I trust that by viewing and sharing them you will find daily encouragement and blessing!

Let me know what you think!

Sue Nash/2013


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