Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour ~ Fiery

Fiery awesome

Fiery awesome

Say to God, “How awesome are Your works!”
Psalm 66:3

The “golden hour” for photographers is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day.  I have had a difficult time learning how to capture this golden beauty of sunsets, especially during those last few minutes before the sun sinks below the horizon.  Many of what would have been beautifully composed pictures lost their luster due to exposure errors.  Nevertheless, it was fun practicing.  

Sunrises and sunsets cause even skeptics to pause in wonder.  For those of us who know the Creator, though, when we gaze upon the splendor of such glory, we have no difficulties declaring along with the Psalmist, God, how awesome are Your works!

For a moment, the horizon ignites with fire,
As You brush the atmosphere into a golden hue.
With each new stroke, You decorate the sky,
And its blazing glory births wonder anew.

Sunset at the Rez

Sunset at the Rez

Sue Nash/2013

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From The Daily Post


29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour ~ Fiery

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  2. Coco Di

    The golden hours-sunset and sunrise- are God’s awesome gifts to mankind. Thanks for sharing these awesome/heavenly photos to us! 😉 Have a joyful day!

  3. Jessie Williamson

    Beautiful!! I love Sunsets & Sunrises & can see neither from my yard! Thanks for sharing. Jessie W.

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  4. lessonsbyheart

    These are gorgeous, Sue. I asked Abba if He would purchase prints of these, have them framed, and hang them on the wall of my future home! If you have a boatload of money fall out of the sky, you’ll know where it came from, and what its for! 😉


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  7. Sharon J. Gramling

    Abba never gets tired of glorious expression, reaching out to the soul of man with His hand of beauty in signature sunsets. Our God is amazing, and you have captured His benevolent heart in this picture, Sue. God bless you for sharing.

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  9. cuffesisters

    LOVE sunsets and sunrises. We get some great ones here in the far eastern US, but it appears the far west has some doozies, too! Keep up the good work – and thanks for sharing! S & S

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