Cascades of God’s Glory

A photo I took of the sun behind the clouds while we were in Colorado. Taken through the window as my husband was driving but still turned out pretty.

A photo I took while we were in Colorado.  Taken through the window as my husband was driving, so it is a little blurry, but I think it still turned out pretty. 

Cascades of God’s Glory

Give me some meaning,
Let it make sense.
Don’t hide behind cunning words
What is only nonsense.
Give me cascades of God’s glory,
Progressive glimpses of His grace.
Give me something that very clearly
Exemplifies the wondrous majesty
Of His ways.

Sue Nash/2013


15 thoughts on “Cascades of God’s Glory

  1. Rob Barkman

    Whenever I see the sky look like this it reminds me that, one day, the Lord will break through the clouds and take us home to be with HIm! What a wonderful day that will be. Lord bless you Sue!

  2. blmaluso

    I SO agree with you! Poetry speaks to my heart of God’s love through simple words that describe the Lord’s glory! Sometimes there is a trend in focusing on “clever” words or phrases. Instead of feeling the message, I find myself tripping on the words.

    Thank you for describing and sharing the wonder of God beautifully!

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