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Feature FridayMostly because I love thoroughness, I can get lost in the moment of whatever I find myself doing.  Since I also love researching, a task many find tedious, I often notice small details.  As a result, I love close-up photography.  To me, the more details in a photo the better, especially when captured with pristine sharpness.

Today’s featured artist is a photographer and author whose images are often of the macro type, which I love so much.  She does something that has captured my attention even more than her pictures, though.  She uses her photography and writing talents to honor God, and along the way inspires others to do the same.  Today’s Friday Feature is:

Rene Yoshi
Sweet Capture Photography
Sweet Rains

Rene states in her About page that she loves capturing images and moments through the lens of a camera.  She does so with skill.  As a photography hobbyist, I have learned so much from Rene’s artistry in her images.  

Because of my busy schedule with nursing, I have limited time to explore photography.  One technique I have not yet learned is using textures with photos.  Rene’s uses of this technique with some of her photos have inspired me to try it.  Here are two of my favorites of hers, in which she uses this lovely technique:

A Single Tulip
The tulip bud is a tiny flower from a bouquet given to her by her daughter.

Crab apple blossom

On her website, Sweet Rains, Rene publishes thoughtful, encouraging posts and usually throws in her own photos to enhance the messages.  In her About page, Rene describes her love of photography, but also for the Bible.  Her messages reflect her love for the Lord, and she always stay grounded in Scripture.

Recently, Rene started something she calls Wisdom Wednesday.  Weekly, she posts proverbs or other wisdom verses from the Bible, along with a comparable proverb or wise saying from a different culture.  Throughout the ages, there have been wise sages, and we can often glean from them.  However, what I have appreciated about these posts is how Rene very clearly shows that all wisdom stems from the God of the Bible.

Follow this link to a recent Wisdom Wednesday

You don’t want to miss her photography blog, though, Sweet Capture Photography.  Here is another of my favorite photos of hers called:


On both of her sites, Rene appreciates feedback and interacts with her readers through prompt replies.  I encourage you to visit them, and click follow to enjoy getting to know Rene through blogging!  You will very much enjoy her posts as she captures sweet images and moments from her life.

Written with permission from Rene Yoshi


8 thoughts on “Sweet Friday Feature

  1. Rene Yoshi

    Once again I am so humbled and honored that you have chosen to feature my blogs. Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and friendship! ((hugs))

  2. Jane Bridges

    Love it, love it, love it!!! All of it. GREAT job Rene. Thanks for posting her work, Sue…Be Blessed!!!


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