Sunflowers ~ Preview of Glory Land

Show Me Your Glory Photo

Reaching upward
Raising hands

Sunglower openingBlooms
Stretching outward
Looking grand

A little ragged around the edges, but still pretty

A little ragged around the edges, but still pretty

  Burst of sunlight
Beauty firsthand

Sunflower 4Sunflowers
Shining preview
  Of glory land

Show me Your glory ~ Exodus 33:18

For anyone who remembers it, here is a link to that old song, Just Over in the Glory Land

Or for those who prefer the contemporary, Show Me Your Glory by Third Day

I love them both ~Enjoy listening!

For more of my poetry, see Poetry Corner

Sue Nash/2013


23 thoughts on “Sunflowers ~ Preview of Glory Land

  1. Shofar

    Beautiful photography and poetry, Sue! How can anyone not see the glory of God in His handiwork! Our Creator God made all things to praise Him, so let’s all sing along and Praise Him! Praise The Lord!

  2. Jane Bridges

    Beautiful pictures and poetry!! I LOVE the songs too!!! Hey, you never DID call and sing that song for me!!! 🙂

  3. lessonsbyheart

    Don’t you just love it when God puts a beautiful creation – be it flowers, hummingbirds, a sunrise, or beautiful cloud formation – right in front of you? I’m especially thankful when He does so through your posts! 😉


  4. Rob Barkman

    Sue, it never ceases to amaze me that the simply things of nature cn so clearly show us the greatness of the Lord. May we all take the time to notice the beauty of creation that is around us and the greatness of the Creator who is ever shown to us.

    Thanks for this inspiring posting.

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