God Directs Our Steps

Photo I took along the Pacific shoreline

Photo I took along the Pacific shoreline

I love walking by the ocean.  I love the fishy smells, and the way the salty breeze warms my weariness.  I love the feel of cool water on my feet, and the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore.  Nobody has to force my steps on a sandy beach, since by the sea is where I feel most at home.

How comforting is the passage above from Proverbs, to know that since God directs our steps, we can trust Him throughout our lives.  Some may argue that this verse is suggestive of predestination on God’s part, and that as such, why bother with a life of faith.  Not at all that, this is actually a poignant reference to God’s sovereignty and love, but there are some issues inherent in it worth addressing.

God Does Not Force Our Steps

God controls the universe, but out of love gives us the choice whether to accept His guidance.  God’s ways are best, but not everyone accepts this notion.  Because of that same love, though, He goes a step further.

God Uses Circumstances to Direct Our Steps to Him

Many do not understand the message of the cross, but it is not complicated.  God sent Jesus to offer a Way back to Him.  He will use circumstances your entire life to direct you to Him.  By accepting and following Christ, we merely return to where we belong.  If really His, though, our lives will then change.

God Will Direct Us Away From Sin

Some people think that after saying a sinner’s prayer they can then go out and continue living a life of continual sin.  If God is directing, though, our lives change from pursuit of wanton pleasure to that of pleasing Him.  God will never direct someone into sin, so if wrongdoing is still rampant, there is something amiss.  This brings up yet another issue.

God Directs Us to Let Go

In the passage, there is the implication of letting go ~ and ~ letting God direct.  We cannot be in charge anymore, but need to let God lead our lives.  For many, this is where the rudder meets the wave.  In our egotistical culture, we think we can figure things out all by ourselves.  God knows this, yet still loves us and has a wonderful alternative.

God Directs In Order to Bless

Many despise the idea of giving God control, but those of us who know Him wouldn’t have it any other way.  With God at the helm, we no longer have to figure things out, but can instead trust His wisdom and understanding.  This is not at all weakness, as some suppose; rather, by yielding to God’s directing, we trade control for a blessed peace.  We can trust an infinite God, who knows the beginning from the end, to guide our ways.

The true blessing comes from knowing that with God directing our steps, they will one day walk on streets of gold on heaven’s shore.

With that in mind, what is holding you back from letting go and letting God direct?

Along the seashore,
I hear His footsteps best.
It reminds me ~
  As I follow Him,
He directs my steps

Sue Nash/2013

Proverbs Post

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23 thoughts on “God Directs Our Steps

  1. Rene Yoshi

    “God will direct us away from sin”— This section reminded me of a friend in yesterday’s Bible study saying, “As my husband says, ‘God changes our want-to’.

    “God directs in order to bless”— This section reminded me of how grateful I am when someone else is in charge of a vacation or trip. I have a cousin-in-law who loves blessing his immediate and extended family, arranging everything from lodging to transportation. Having been the one in our family who does all the planning for vacations, it is soooo nice to be able to sit back, let someone else direct everything, and enjoy the ride.

    Thank you, Sue, for your wonderful post!

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      You are welcome, Rene. I love your feedback, especially of how you related it to the blessing of someone taking care of all the travel details. I am the one in our family who manages that, too, and it can be so exhausting that it almost steals the joy of the trip. Great example and matches so precisely the blessing it brings allowing God to direct our steps. Thanks.

  2. Jane Bridges

    I LOVE the beach too and I LOVE all you wrote today!! You are right on target with all you said!! Thanks Sue! Have a GREAT day!!!

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks so much, Heidi. Takes me a while to get back to replying to comments since I work as a nurse during the day. On my lunch break!! Glad it spoke to your heart. Your posts always do mine.

  3. Karina Susanto

    Dear Sue
    as your comment on my post, this one truly encourage me to move in each step that I take. especially related with my position and condition right now. thank you for sharing a remarkable thought. 🙂

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      So glad this was a blessing, Karina. I pray God will clearly direct you each step of the way. I am excited for your new opportunity! You are already a blessing to others with your writing.

  4. bittygirl51

    Very true points and well received. I couldn’t agree more, but why oh why do we have to have so much of life pass us by before we truly grasps these truths? I only wish I had learned more earlier in life so that I could enjoy the richness a life sold out to God does bring! There is so much less stress an anxiety when one finally allows God to take over.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Oh, how I say amen to that. We can’t go back and do things over. How wonderful that God opened our eyes to truth and we can enjoy Him now, though! Thanks for sharing and for your kind feedback. Blessings

  5. blmaluso

    Thanks so much for this post. You touched my heart…I LOVE the beach, and am so blessed to finally have given my whole life to Jesus. For so many years I did not understand, and I was holding on to certain hurts in my heart, putting a wall up. I now trust the Lord to continue His work in me, and I keep myself open to sharing His love with as many as possible. May God bless you and your “steps”: – )

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