Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says ~ Watermelon Anyone?

No words needed

No words needed

An old fence can double as a sign.  Come summer in the Deep South, nothing quenches a thirst quite like an ice-cold, juicy red watermelon.  A locally grown one is the best.

This photo was one that I took of a painted watermelon sign, which graces the front of a produce stand once owned by my grandparents.  They grew their own crops, and then sold them to locals or anyone else interested in fresh produce.  It is the same store where my dad once pumped gas, since the fruit stand was also one of those original types of full service stations; the kind where you could stay in your car while the attendant fueled it, then also cleaned the windows and checked under the hood.  Where, long after the gas finished filling, you leisurely conversed over local happenings.

It is also the produce stand where one day my mother pulled up, riding as a passenger in the car with her brother; a day in which my dad was the one tending the pumps.  As the story goes, as soon as he laid eyes upon her, he knew that he was going to marry her.  The only thing standing in his way was convincing her!  Fortunately, that didn’t take long, and fifty plus years later they were still in love until dad left earth for heaven.  Some might argue chance, but God clearly orchestrated this fruit stand encounter.

My grandparents sold off the portion of the land that housed the store, because it got too hard for them to garden.  The current owner does not grow what he sells, but does try to offer regional yields.  I have never asked him about the story behind the watermelon painting, but as you can tell, it has been there for some time.

Some signs need no words, and instantly convey a message.  I doubt many even notice this old weather worn watermelon sign as they zip past the produce stand.  Fewer stop in to buy the locally grown produce, preferring instead the convenience and lower prices of larger supermarkets.  The watermelon sign probably shone in its younger years and drew in crowds of thirsty customers, but now cowers unnoticed underneath the shade of nearby oak trees.

I cannot help but notice it, though, for its message speaks of more than just juicy melons.  It instantly sends me back in time.  To when what could have been just another gas stop, or a grocery purchase, birthed a love story that spanned generations.  For me, this old watermelon sign communicates a message involving a huge piece of my heart.

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.
Proverbs 16:9

Do you have a sign or some memorabilia that evokes special memories?  Do you have a story of how God intervened in your life by orchestrating your path?  I’d love to hear of it. 

Blessings, always.

This weeks photo challenge by The Daily Post


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says ~ Watermelon Anyone?

  1. cuffesisters

    Wonderful post, Sue. Though not a fan of watermelon, I enjoyed the story of your parents’ encounter very much! Our father joined the Coast Guard in California and was stationed in Maine. Mom’s sister’s boyfriend brought Dad along for a blind date for Mom. They had 60 years together – as our Sunday School song says, “Perfectly placed there by God.” Thanks for the memories!

  2. Jane Bridges

    Neat story, Sue!! Jean had never told me about how she and Bob met OR she did and I forgot. I love it!! I love the picture too!!!! I love that scripture too and it is so true. We make our plans but HE directs our steps. We just need to make sure we are always “Stepping,” huh???

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  4. Pastor Roland Ledoux

    “I doubt many even notice this old weather worn watermelon sign as they zip past the produce stand.” Sister Sue, you know it is a sad time we live in when this is the truth of the day. Yet, the Lord DOES know who needs to draw attention to it and for what reason. I love the picture, it evokes a nostalgia of times way gone past.
    Your story did remind me of a wonderful time in my life when the Lord made a BIG change. My father-in-law (more of a father, period) had just purchased a Phillips 66 station and he needed help. This was back in about ’72 or ’73 and my wife Sue, (yep, it’s the same) and I had just gotten married. So I decided that this was the Lord and I stepped in to help. I was always good with mechanics and it was just before I went to Tech School.
    The Lord used this time to draw us close. His two boys didn’t spend much time with their dad due to bitter feelings from youth. But I learned a lot, about life, forgiveness and yes about service, because it WAS a full-service station. Sadly, he only had it about a year because that was just about the time when all the price/gas wars started. I went to work for him when prices were 23 cents a gallon! But I also remember the letter he got from the corporation telling him prices were going to rise!
    For me, great times and times when I saw the Lord soften his heart, but also when the Lord started directed me towards serious ministry!
    Thanks so much Sis (in Christ, no disrespect intended) for the stroll down memory lane but also the remembrance that it WAS the Holy Spirit who laid out the “stepping stones” of my life!! God bless you and yours and again, thank you sincerely!

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Wow. 23 cents per gallon. Very hard to remember those days! I enjoyed your story so much. How awesome of the ways in which the Lord directed your path into ministry, and of the things He used to do so. What special memories you must have of the times spent with your father-in-law. I am sure this must have meant so much to your wife, also. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing! Blessings back. Sue

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