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Feature FridayRecently, my brother gave me a very nice camera that I can borrow indefinitely.  I have enjoyed it immensely, but still have much to learn about how to use it correctly, and how to take full advantage of its many settings.  Having always loved realism in art, photography, unless intentionally adjusted to the point of abstract, is a favorite medium of mine.  I prefer images that reflect the raw, untainted beauty of God’s creation.  Today’s Friday Feature is that kind of artist, a magnificent photographer who writes, as well.  My featured website is,

Wings of the Dawn
Heidi Viars

Heidi has an incredible talent for picking up on what others perhaps miss, and then scrap booking it into our memories with her lovely photographs, and her poetry or insights to further enhance.  Here are just a few that I have loved:

 The soft hush of a morning fog and the sun’s warmth on an icy lake, where she reminds of God’s healing presence in, Not Home…Yet.

The spectacular sunset glimpses of, God’s Delight and Justice, where she encourages others to find their delight in Christ.

My favorite, though, is the soothing portrayal of, Learning to Walk, where she shows how to walk with God by simply being still with Him.

Heidi has a precious gift, and though her photos and reflections, allows others to walk beside her as she takes her own walks “in the woods, by the lake, in an early sunrise, or sunset.  Strolling in this journey with her, we get to share in the treasures she says, “God reveals to my heart as I walk with Him.”

Her touching testimony is on her About Page.  In her prayerful conclusion, she shares of her intended purpose for her blog.  That “no matter how far you feel you are from Him, you will be able to see that He is longing to hold you in the palm of His right hand. My hope is for you to sense His hand leading you, even if you are “taking the wings of the dawn or dwell in the remotest part of the sea”

Through Heidi’s eyes, if even for brief moments of viewing her snapshots of God’s glory, one truly can rise above, with the wings of dawn, into His glorious presence. Keep walking, Heidi.  Keep sharing, because what you write and photograph brings so much blessing to others!

Heidi recently shared that we can now buy some of her photographs mounted on greeting cards.  The proceeds all go to encourage those affected by disasters.  I purchased some and was very pleased.  As with all of her work, she was as attentive down to the smallest details of even the packaging, as she is with the quality of her photos. For more information about buying some of her cards to keep or share, contact Heidi directly ~

Written with permission from Heidi Viars


12 thoughts on “Friday Feature

  1. Heidi Viars

    Thank you Sue, for your words of encouragement … I so enjoy coming here for some peace and truth – a haven in a world where both are scarce! Blessings

      1. Heidi Viars

        Praise God … who loves us with a love that is beyond my comprehension 🙂 It blows my mind, that He would even consider using us … as messed up as we are! Yes, to Him all the glory!!!

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      You are welcome. Hoping that you pick up some followers. All the words were true. I love your site, your photos and reflections. Blessings my sweet sister in Christ!

  2. Jane Bridges

    AWESOME photos and words, Heidi!!!! ALL of the pictures and words blessed my heart. Thanks Sue for sharing this with us!!! Be Blessed!!!!


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