God is Right ~ Wait on Him

God is Right 2

We may think that we are right,
But we aren’t always.

We may think that something’s right,
But it isn’t necessarily.

Only God is always right.
Only He knows everything.
Perhaps instead of always trying to be right, we should just wait on Him, and let Him shine through instead.

Don’t others benefit more from what God wants to say and do through us anyway?

Sue Nash/ 2013


14 thoughts on “God is Right ~ Wait on Him

      1. Planting Potatoes

        Amen Sue….it has been a long journey for me to finally learn that I don’t have to always be right…because God is always right…!

  1. theywhoseek

    Good reminder for me today Sue. I need to learn to just wait and let Him do His business instead of me messing things up before He get to them! ~ Blessings ~

  2. lessonsbyheart

    He’s God, I’m not. He knows what’s best, I don’t. He can work things out for good – I just mess things up. Yep! So glad He’s in control…and not me!


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