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I realized recently that I have been so busy blogging about various topics, and highlighting authors on my Friday Feature, I have not yet introduced readers to my absolute favorite person on this earth.  He is my best friend.  Without him I would never have had the courage to do much of anything.  Since I am sure you have already figured out my featured person, I’ll skip right to the point.  Today’s Friday Feature is my wonderful husband ~

 Jim ~ My Guy

My sweet husband of going on 28 years.

My sweet husband, together nearly 28 years.  We both have these hats, and are quite a pair when wearing them out walking!

My husband is the type of person who, when you meet, you instantly like.  He is warm and caring, but not in a wimpy sort of way.  People like him at once because of his thoughtfulness and unpretentious demeanor.  He stole my heart years ago, and I feel blessed to have found such a gem!

My original intent in publishing this Friday Feature was also to announce my husband’s new WordPress website.  Unfortunately, I still have not convinced him to blog.  He is a gifted writer, has a journalism degree and published often in our local newspaper with his letters to the editor.  Due to his natural writing talent, his blog (when I twist his arm to start one) will likely be a hit, but will also perhaps offend plenty.  While some shy away from having an outspoken conservative voice in the political arena, my husband has never let fear of what others think deter him from taking a stand.  Since he also has a love for sports, I imagine his upcoming blog (notice how I keep hinting!) will also contain plenty of hockey and football commentary.  I will be sure to tell my readers when he launches his site!

Because of his experience in writing, I get to use his abilities in critique of mine.  This has sometimes caused friction and hurt feelings when he gets a little too carried away.  Recently, though, we seem to have found a nice middle ground between how I want something worded and what he deems best.  Either way, I consider myself fortunate to have his experienced advice.

You might be wondering why, since he has a degree in journalism, he does not already have a website or job writing.  He did try to get into sports writing when graduating with his degree years ago, but was never able to overcome the hurdle of competition at that time.  After many other career pursuits, however, he finally landed the job of his dreams.  He now flies a corporate jet.  Most of our neighbors and family view his job as a pilot a rather cushy one, and accuse him of not actually working for a living at all.  He enjoys what he does so much that he likely agrees! 

J in plane

No matter what he does for a living, though, the most important thing about my guy is that he is someone who loves the Lord.  He both professes this love for God, and lives a life honoring to Him.  Some pilot’s wives may worry about a husband with a traveling career; thoughts of my husband being unfaithful while away never cross my mind.  He is the same person at home as when away: honest, devoted and a genuine follower of Christ. 

I love and respect the great man I married.  Throughout our years together, he has always supported me, always been faithful to me and always put up with me.  I doubt any of you will ever meet him here on earth, but when you get to heaven, you will understand why I say that my guy is absolutely wonderful!

*We all look forward to joining your new blog, Jim!


23 thoughts on “Friday Feature ~ My Guy

  1. Jeanette Hall

    I DO know this man, and he is everything you say he is, from my point of view. He has a Godly, caring wife too. God has blessed both of you!

  2. Jane Bridges

    I have met him and I love him too!! He IS a great guy and you are very blessed to have him!!! Be Blessed!!!

  3. Shan

    That’s my baby brother! Good thing I didn’t seriously maim him when we were growing up, huh? I’m also looking forward to a blog from him – I remember the story he wrote for Mom about why her cuckoo clock was missing when he took it to be repaired. 🙂

  4. thethinkingofthoughts2013

    It’s lovely hearing you talk so positively about your significant other,especially in today’s world where putting down partners, husbands and men in general seems to be the norm. I really enjoyed reading this.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      How nice of you to comment. It is sad how so many women trash men. Everything I wrote is the truth about this awesome man I married. I am glad my bragging on him blessed you! thanks

  5. greenlightlady

    Sue, what a gift you are to each other – a loving husband and an admiring wife! So many couples have missed the blessing of living in a love & respect marriage. I know I appreciate my dear husband – a lot!

    Blessings ~ Wendy


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