INSPRIED ~ Mistakes and More


I am the queen of mistakes. It seems I never go more than a day or so without goofing up.  Most of the time, the errors are insignificant and go unnoticed by anyone other than me.  Some, though, are costly.

This past Friday, I was planning on just relaxing after work, but then my husband received an overdraft notification from our bank.  Since the account was the one I manage, I was certain that the bank was wrong.  I was sure the account was adequately funded.  Sadly, I was the culprit.  A silly calculation error cost us $36.  The queen, at it again!

Mistakes and More

Fortunately, the banks were still open and we quickly remedied the lacking funds, but we were stuck with the fee.  Although I was angry at myself for essentially giving money to the bank, this incident was miniscule compared to another error I made years ago.  It involved a spelling error on a Christian T-shirt I designed for a former business of mine.  By the time my blunder was discovered, the shirts were already printed, and we were in the hole hundreds of dollars!

I know that we are all imperfect, but sometimes I amaze myself as to my flaws.  My first reaction to these seemingly perpetual mistakes is anger at myself.  I try my best, I give it my all, yet still flub.  First comes the anger, but tears are often close on its heels.  I realize that I am way too hard on myself, but can anybody else relate to my frustration?

Thankfully, I have a husband who loves me no matter what.  He is good at helping me to shrug it off, and to lighten up.  He also helps me laugh.  He must have smiled by how I handled another recent mistake.

Inspried label

As you might have guessed from the title and the image I designed for this post, this recent error occurred on my website.  After I launched heavenlyraindrops, chose my template theme, and coined my public profile, I dove enthusiastically into blogging.  What I didn’t realize was that there all along, right smack in the middle of my Header’s tag line, was a typo.  Godinspried words to bring blessings like rain.  I never saw it until recently, when a kind visitor to my site politely pointed it out.

This mistake was easily resolved, and didn’t cost me anything other than my pride, which always needs knocking down a notch or two.  I am sure my husband was proud of my reaction because this time I took his advice and laughed.

Someone else is equally pleased when we graciously accept our limitations.  God knows we are going to make mistakes, yet loves us as we are.  He even loves the queen of blunders!  It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that even He got a good laugh about my website mishap!

God may not have laughed, but I am certain He agrees with my husband.  I need to lighten up.  More importantly, I need to stop counting on myself, and instead depend on Him.  Perhaps, as a gentle reminder to quit berating myself over such nonsense, and to show that He does indeed have a sense of humor, the morning before my recent errors, He put a little jingle in my head:

Continual mistakes, mishaps and more.
Completely flawed, messed up to the core.

Yield, surrender ~ your mistakes all ignore.
I’m wiser, bigger and so much more!

I love You Lord!  Thank you so much that You love us, blunders and all.  You even love this author, who writes God-inspried words to bring blessings like rain!


13 thoughts on “INSPRIED ~ Mistakes and More

  1. Shan

    This one REALLY hit home! If you’re the queen, I’m at least a princess of misteaks! 😉 (I did that on purpose.) 😀

  2. greenlightlady

    Sue, I really appreciate your honesty in this post – I lost out on a $450.00 reimbursement, a couple of years ago, because I did not get the paperwork done in time. You’ve just helped me heal even more about that blunder. 🙂 God owns it all anyways. It did help me not miss out on the next ones. Your “jingle” is great!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Annie B

    You are AWESOME! I do far worse stuff than this – ha ha – ALL the time, sister! It drives us nuts, I know! What an inspirational outlook and attitude you have – thank you for encouraging all of us – we are imperfect creatures and I think it’s great when we can laugh at ourselves!

  4. cuffesisters

    Ooooo, I’m the queen of typos! Isn’t it sad that we beat ourselves up for mistakes? And, like you, the tears follow. I got squeezed with a speeding ticket out of state once and was so angry at myself, and crying because we couldn’t afford the cash outlay, and what did my sister say, “It’s only money.” Grace is humbling and a blessing. Thanks for sharing, Sue!

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      You have a wise sister. It is only money and only mistakes. Thanks so much for the feedback. Thanks also to both of you for blessing others with your inspirational writing!

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