The Looming Wall

Pixabay photo, adapted from original for The Looming Wall

Pixabay photo, adapted from original for The Looming Wall

The Looming Wall

This wall looms.
It pops up out of nowhere,
It raises its ugly head.

A wall of dread ~
Of what might happen,
Of what life may bring.

A wall of uncertainty ~
Of not knowing for sure,
Of not seeing in full.

A wall of hurt ~
Of getting lost in the pain,
Of thinking others don’t care.

A wall of perplexity ~
Of overwhelming trouble,
Of impossible circumstances.

A wall of despair ~
Of losing hope,
Of seeing no way through.

This wall looms ~
Always wanting its way,
Always threatening to stay.

Until God’s path shines ~
It is always right on time,
It is faithful and true.

A path of peace ~
That He is in control,
That He will not leave.

A path of assurance ~
That He goes before,
That His ways are good.

A path of comfort ~
That He understands,
That He really cares.

A path of power ~
That He is greater,
That He can do anything.

A path of promise ~
That He will come through,
That He will make a way.

God’s path is sure.
Always forging through,
Always leaping over walls that loom.

By You I can run against a troop, by my God I can leap over a wall.
Psalm 18:29

The Looming Wall

Sue Nash/ 2013


4 thoughts on “The Looming Wall

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      So glad it was a blessing. So glad that no walls can stop us since God gets us through every trial and pain! Thanks for joining my page, too. Have been enjoying your thoughts for the day FB posts!


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