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Feature Friday

My Friday Feature post did not happen last week.  My husband and I were traveling in California, so I decided to take a break from blogging.  Even though we were on vacation, though, it was hard not to get absorbed into the Boston Marathon terror suspect drama from last week.  Along with the rest of the nation, I celebrate the capture of the remaining suspect, and my prayers continue for those grieving over this terrible tragedy. 

As with other recent attacks, innocent lives were lost, and countless others injured or traumatized.  I dare say that any of those involved ever dreamed of such horror occurring at such a benign event.  Those participating had likely trained for months in preparation for this annual event.  Their sideline cheering squads had likely sacrificed, too, by spending time apart as their loved ones trained.  Unconscionable attacks of this sort are always shocking and sad, particularly when done in mass and for no apparent reason.  For those runners and their supporters, there will be no forgetting Boston, 2013.

Since I used to dabble in jogging (I never got to the point where I could call it running), I marvel at those individuals who can run a marathon.  The Boston Marathon, for instance, boasts that participants must run 26 miles of winding roads!  The first part of the 2-6 would have been enough for me, even at my peak of jogging.

Interestingly, the author I chose to feature today is a runner.  It is evident, from his frequent references to his athletic interests and pursuits, that he is also a swimmer, cyclist and triathlon enthusiast!  As with all of his posts, this author gleans from his athletic expertise, his daily life experiences and his phenomenal grasp of Scripture as an avenue of encouraging all who read to dig deeper into the Word of God.  Today, I feature:

A Devoted Life
Author JD Bloom

Since I am still a newbie to blogging, news of JD’s fabulous website is likely not new for others.  Due to the pristine quality, the phenomenal depth and the amazing insights of his writing, JD likely has no trouble generating devoted followers.

It does not take one long reading JD’s posts to realize that this is no ordinary blog.  Typically, Christian blogs are springs of inspirational insights; JD’s posts are overflowing wells of Truth.  When discovered, A Devoted Life is the kind of website to bookmark, because JD’s crystal clear writing leaves readers longing for more.

On his blog, JD has mentioned that he is an engineer by trade.  Since I come from a family with engineers, I was not at all surprised as to his profession.  Engineers are by nature brainy.  JD fits the profile.  His posts ooze his comprehensive knowledge and vast understanding of his topics.  For most, the mere volume of information alone would take hours of research to compile, much less to then collaborate them with Scripture and finalize them by offering practical application and prayer.  Yet, day by day, JD amazes more as he faithfully brings readers those penetrating insights of our world from a Christian perspective.

For some, all this talk of knowledge and brains may be a deterrent to following A Devoted Life.  I imagine JD would not boast openly of his intellectual gifting.  He certainly never comes across as arrogant in his posts.  In fact, in his own words, he describes himself as a rather practical person who takes a rather practical approach to implementing my Bible reading into my daily life.  Humble words from a hugely talented individual.  However, this personal disclosure precisely matches his daily writing.  JD, although uniquely gifted, provides a refreshing alternative to the typical blog.  Once you read a few of his posts, you will daily await more.

Follow the link above to his site, or the one below to one of my favorites recently in which he shares his testimony:

The Story of JD

Also, for any on Facebook, be sure to Like his Daily Devotional site where he posts other short devotions and insightful quotes:

Daily Devotionals

Written with permission from JD Bloom.


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