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Fiction and I rarely connect, especially since the majority of novels available today are distasteful, and some, downright obscene.  Time is too precious for me to waste reading twaddle and I have no interest in filth.  Thankfully, there are a growing number of Christian authors offering refreshing alternatives in the fiction literary world.  It is my honor to feature one of those voices doing her part, writing both God-honoring fiction, and non-fiction as well.  In her spare time, she is also a superb photographer!  Today’s Friday Feature showcases but some of her works:

 Teri Metts

My husband and I have had the privilege of knowing Teri, and her pastor husband Joe, for several years from when he was an assistant pastor at our church.  They have an extensive career of service to the Lord, including time on the mission field, mostly in the Dominican Republic, but also in various capacities in Costa Rica, Haiti and Jamaica.  From those unique missionary experiences, Teri compiled her Island Legacy Series, in which she weaves her rich knowledge of the cultures and geography, along with her gift of expression, to share her engaging stories.

Besides her talent with words, what I most appreciate about Teri’s fictional writing is how she threads Biblical principles throughout, leaving readers with not only a flavor of missionary work, but also valuable life lessons along the way.  Even though I seldom connect with fiction, Teri’s novels are what I call fiction with a purpose.  Engaging, enjoyable and certainly clean, but geared toward rewarding readers with gaining biblical wisdom along the way!


Her latest and final in the Island Legacy series, Caribbean Freedom, focuses on a female character, Mariela Ramírez, who upon her return to her homeland of Cuba, unearths “family skeletons fraught with bitterness and painful accusations.”  Since it debuts tomorrow, I have not yet had the opportunity to read it, but am certain we are in for a treat as Teri uses her story-telling skills to teach principles of forgiving and of letting go of the bondage of unresolved bitterness.  Although the official release is tomorrow, it is available now as either paperback or Kindle.  

So as not to disappoint non-fiction readers, Teri offers something for all.  Based on her years as a pastor’s wife and various life experiences, Teri posts thought provoking, weekly Bible studies on her website   She has authored several non-fiction books, and a listing of these along with all of her published works can be found at this Amazon link.

As if her writing talent were not enough, though, Teri’s gift of photographing the beauty of God’s creation is perhaps my favorite of all.  Her venue for displaying her photos, found at her, is an uplifting website filled with inspirational Scripture alongside amazing photos, most taken outside their lovely 1910-bungalow style Mississippi home.  True to form for both her and Joe, with their relaxed, down-to-earth approach, Bungalow Retreat beckons countless visitors to relax, sit down a spell, and simply enjoy the beauty of God’s world.

Many thanks to Teri for her friendship, her kind support of my writing and for blessing others with her many gifts and talents.

Written with permission from Teri Metts.


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