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Feature Friday
Since this is Good Friday, I decided that it would be better to feature something related to the Cross.  Knowing I would face the decision of how best to handle today’s post, I began making mental notes whenever one of my fellow Christian bloggers posted something specifically about Christ’s suffering. This High Holy season for Christians just should not ever become routine and certainly never become buried under the trappings of bunnies and baskets. Knowing what Christ did on our behalf should always prompt us to pause from the ordinary to reflect upon His extraordinary sacrifice.

I have encountered so many talented, inspirational writers through blogging, so my decision about today’s feature was difficult. However, one person shone above the rest, for a couple of reasons. First, today’s featured author has a nice website with uplifting posts, but one recently about the Passion really grabbed my attention. In addition, this author is a person who has his own cross, which he must daily bear. Today’s Friday Feature focuses on an individual with an amazing testimony, and an even more incredible gift of using his personal cross as an avenue of blessing others. It is my honor to feature:

Unshakable Hope
by Bill

Though afflicted at an early age of a devastating and progressive illness (the details of which he describes on his blog), Bill has done what plenty others in similar circumstances did not: he chose to allow his horrendous trial on this earth to drive him to the Cross and not away. Rather than blaming God and running the other direction, he chose the high and very courageous road of seeing his circumstances from God’s perspective and in the process, found the unshakable hope for which his blog gets its name.

During the few months since I discovered Unshakable Hope, I have never heard Bill complain or express any bitterness over his circumstances. Instead, he pours into others through encouraging, thoughtful posts. Although I only know of Bill from his website, I am certain that he is very human and must have many weak moments in his faith, but one would never know of this from what he writes. His cross, though immense, he always uses to point to the One who understands and helps us bear our burdens. He always points them to The Cross.

I thank you Bill, for being an inspiration, and for using your struggle as an avenue of encouraging others. If you have not already discovered his site, I recommend you check him out. Without a doubt, you do not want to miss his recent post, It is Finished, in which he uses dynamic photos to accompany a poem about the Crucifixion, and his About Bill page for his touching testimony. You can also follow the link above to this awesome site!

Written as this author’s opinion.
Sue Nash


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