An Overflowing Well

Snippets of Rain
Don’t be a well that withholds,
Be a well that overflows.
A conduit that lets Me
Be free to be who I want to be.

Let Me unleash My love,
Unlock My Presence,
Speak with My voice, and
Use My life-giving Power.

Don’t harbor My Spirit.
It only hinders Me.
Don’t pollute My Water.
It only quenches Me

Be a well that let’s others
Drink only Me.
Be poured out for Me
An overflowing well, flowing free

Broken pots are best at allowing Me to flow free.

“…Spring up, O Well…”
Numbers 21:17


9 thoughts on “An Overflowing Well

  1. Annie B

    Flow – just be – and let Him be and seep through – in whatever manner He so decides. I love it, and I struggle with it. But it is always something He puts on my heart and reminds me that I must come to Him daily for the strength to restrain self. Thank you, friend……very inspiring, as always!

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    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks, JD. Gotta remind myself of this one often! I appreciate the mention in your ‘What I Like’ post. I will bookmark this one and take the time to visit all the other sites you mentioned.

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