Friday Feature (With a Surprise)

Feature Friday

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”
Psalm 139:13

Today’s feature is somewhat different.  While normally used to showcase one of my favorite blogs, today’s post is uniquely different.  Typically, I plan to highlight another Christian author, or perhaps even someone gifted in inspirational photography, graphics or music; today, however, I present a work by Someone of the Utmost caliber.  Unlike all others, this Friday Feature surpasses the rest.

Author of the most important Book ever written, I present One who He excels above all in talent.  There is no wisdom, understanding or counsel against Him.  Not only is He the Author, He is also Master Craftsman, Intricate Knitter, and Supreme Creator.  Quite honestly, if I were to list every fabulous quality about this One, and to tell of His wondrous glory, the number of words left to read would split the Internet wide open.  His Name needs no introduction because it is a Name above all Names, but just in case someone reading this post has never heard of or met Him, I introduce Jesus Christ, the only One True God.

Although I usually post a link directing readers to a site, today’s Featured Guest has no need of a website to share His portfolio of talent.  One need only gaze upward into the heavens to view His spectacular canvas, or look down at the lilies of the field to appreciate His grand designs.

The Surprise

If those magnificent works of Creation are not convincing proof as to His excellent greatness, though, I have posted below an amazing glimpse of one of His splendid works in progress.  The predicted completion date is June of 2013.  I trust you will marvel with the grandparents at this masterpiece on display.  More than anything, however, I pray that if you haven’t already, you will acknowledge Jesus as Lord of all, and surrender your life to Him.

Our grandson, due in June

Our grandson, due in June

*If you feel a tugging at your heart to know Christ, it is His Holy Spirit drawing you to Himself.  There is only One Way to heaven and that is through Jesus.  He’s calling you to give Him your life. Talk to Him from Your heart:

Sinner's prayer


12 thoughts on “Friday Feature (With a Surprise)

  1. Teri Metts

    Sue, this is beautiful! I love how you presented this. And thanks for sharing the photo of your new grandson. Isn’t it absolutely almost beyond words to see one of our own even while still in his mother’s womb. I love it! We are going to be grandparents again too. Our oldest son and his wife are expecting in October – a “surprise baby” (they thought they were through), but not a surprise to God. 🙂

    By the way, I sent you a private message on FB yesterday. I just wanted to make sure you saw it.

    1. heavenlyraindrops Post author

      Thanks, Teri. With yet another one due in June, we will have 8! Get to go meet the 2 new ones in July out in Colorado. Can’t wait! Thanks. BTW, I had some technical problems with my old email and phone. Got a new email and phone today, so I will hopefully get caught up on checking messages here and on FB.

  2. Kevin

    I loved this, I have to admit I kind of saw it coming but then I thought, well maybe I’m about to discover a one of a kind blogger or author, and then you said it is indeed the One like no other. Thank you for commenting on my post, God bless you everyday in every way. Kevin

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