God Answers

Tangled Vines

Escape me.
Making sense,
Eludes me still.
How can I find
My way through life’s dim lit room?

My voice,
Not others.
Only Truth
Will lead until,
You find the Way
Revealed to those called My own.

Sorrow’s drone,
Looms large within.
When comes the time,
Peace rests and victories bloom?

My help,
Not of self,
Given to
All those in need,
Will squelch the grief
Borne from fear’s death-stench groan.

Deep rooted.
Shadows of
What might have been.
Where best to put
Shattered pots with seeming doom?

My peace,
Lies, deceit
Wrought cruelly,
By him, that thief
Whose deeds will one day be shown.

Heavy weights,
Crushing, yet
Not meant to be.
What to do when
Life’s not seen success’ bright plume?

My hands
Will hold you.
Your ev’ry load
They’ll lift and bear.
Rest beckons,
Let it all go ’round My throne!

God Answers Poetry Corner


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