Friday Feature

Feature Friday

“Let another man praise you and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.”
Psalm 27:2

My Friday Feature was created as a unique format for highlighting some of my favorite Christian bloggers, instead of just using the typical Reblog. While a valuable tool for sharing favorite posts, Reblog is limited by how additional information can be shared on the front end and only gives the reader one glimpse of the site. Friday Feature is an avenue for me to share an overview, gleaned from my following the blog over a period. It is also my way of bragging on other writers, and to partner together with them in exalting Jesus.

Before starting the Friday Feature, I did not realize that getting permission ahead of time about the information shared was going to be difficult.  As a result, unless I am able to notify the author ahead of time as to specifics of what I will share, I will merely state my opinion of the site, but will avoid giving any further details.

By nature of the fact that I have only been blogging a short time, and thus have not gone back and read all of their posts, I may not agree with every idea of these featured authors. However, of the ones I have, I both enjoy and concur with the thoughtful entries by these fellow Christian bloggers, who are co-laborers in spreading the love and Truth of Christ. The ones featured are in no particular order of importance. Instead, I post those as God leads.

Be blessed by reading about today’s featured site:

Jon Lilley

During the short time since I began following his blog, I have been impressed with how consistently Jon Lilley shares Truth, yet does so in an engaging and often fun way. With every post, Jon adds great photos or images, customized with overlays of quotes and verses. The posts are concise, powerfully so!

Although I enjoy so many of Jon’s posts, one this week was particularly touching, and was a major contributing factor as to my decision to feature his site now.  In it, he shares about a recent tragedy involving some youth in his area. Jon handles the topic precisely how one should: by reminding us that we never know what tomorrow will bring. You may go directly to the link below for this thought-provoking post. My hope is that by reading, we will all remember to pray for those mourning the losses of these young lives and to recall how fleeting life really is. 

You Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Bring
by Jon Lilley

 The above information about Jon Lilley is strictly this author’s opinion. However, I am certain that you will enjoy following his blog!



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