Friday Feature

Feature Friday

I mentioned last Friday that I have decided to start highlighting some of my favorite Christian blogs.  As we work together toward the common goal of exalting the Name of Jesus and proclaiming the good news of His gift of salvation, we are like ‘iron sharpening iron‘ for His glory. Below is a brief summary of one of these blogs with a link to the site. Immediately following this Friday Feature post is also a Reblog of one of my all time favorites from their site. Today’s Feature is a very engaging blog called Eyes Wide Open.

Eyes Wide Open

Author Annie makes uses of captivating images to tell her stories and share her passion for Christ in hopes that others will “seek a relationship with Jesus, or deepen the one” they already have. She sees her writing as “a form of worship” and describes that her greatest hope is “to help spread Christ’s love to others by providing encouragement, inspiration, and sharing the things He is teaching.” Her blog is powerfully engaging and the photos she uses have a way of grabbing one’s attention and sealing the messages straight to the heart. As you read this Reblog following today’s feature blog, I know you are going to be blessed and hope you will join in “Looking Up and Living in God’s Truth” by connecting with this wonderful site!

*NOTE: please click the word Reblog to see Annie’s testimony from her site. For some reason the actual one does not put her photos the way she designed them on her actual site, giving the full intent of her testimony.

Permission granted from Eyes Wide Open


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