Prelude to Praise

Taken while camping in Tennessee

Taken while camping in Tennessee

The sun will rise,
Though seldom now does it shine.

It will come up
And when it does, you will find
Peace, love and joy
Like you’ve never known before
All because God
Has so much for you in store.

Don’t give up now
When all you see is mere gloom.
Don’t lose your dream,
Deep in your heart leave some room.
Hope has no end
For those who cling fast to His hand.
He’ll nudge each cloud;
All by His might, help you stand.

God’s specialty
Is not always, what we deemed.
He often chooses
What the world rare esteems.
So be lift up,
Trust fully in what He said.
God understands and
Has amazing plans ahead!

Originally written in 2010
Thought it needed a re-post!


6 thoughts on “Prelude to Praise

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  2. Pastor Roland Ledoux

    I found this on Julie’s site and followed it here. Awesome Sis, awesome indeed! I love, absolutely love inspirational poetry. I wish I had that creativity, but it is not my gift. My gift is to love it so much and be in AWE of our Creator! Great job! God bless Sis and God bless Sister Julie too for reblogging it!

  3. heavenlyraindrops Post author

    Thanks so much. This one was birthed in my heart during a season of immense trial. God uses poetry and other writing as an avenue of drawing out and exposing the lies of the enemy, then He replaces it with the light of His truth. I am touched that it blesses others. Thanks.


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