A Poem Nobody Read

A Poem Nobody Read

If I wrote a poem that mattered,
It likely never would be read.
For our culture does not want Truth;
Rather, thrills and fame instead.

I could tell how Jesus loves them
Until I turn blue in the face.
That alone would never move them,
Since they don’t think they need His grace.

They for sure do not want mercy,
As that involves discussing sin.
Any mention of their lifestyle,
Sends them running far from Him.

I could write an empty sonnet
Filled with fluff and platitudes.
As long as God’s words aren’t cited,
They’d likely drop their attitudes.

I would have to leave out ‘One Way,’
A view they simply can’t accept.

Just open doors for anything;
Christ alone is narrow-mindedness.

If I wrote a poem with substance,
They likely would toss it aside.
For I would have to stand with Truth,
Not oblige popularity’s tide.

Only God can change a nation
Where ‘Truth is fallen in the street,’
And poets’ words that really matter
Are stored in files that few will read.

“Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”
Isaiah 59:14

Prayer: Father, Please pour out true revival in our world. Let Your unchanging Truth once again be revered and followed. Only You can change hearts and lives, but keep us sensitive to Your Spirit and give us boldness to speak Your Truth in love. Don’t ever let us give up on anyone since You never do.
In Jesus’ Name,


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