No Thanks

Poetry Corner CombinedI answered when You called,
Dropped all to follow through.
I gave my very best,
My utmost just for You.

I jumped out of the boat,
Plunged into stormy seas.
I went because You asked,
And hoped that You’d be pleased.

I thought that good would come,
Not failure and mistakes.
I gave my offering,
You seemed to say, ‘No thanks.’

I still offer my life,
To whom else can I flee?
I may not know Your ways,
But Your grace is all I need.

I wish that all I do,
You’d bless with latter rain.
I choose You, even so,
Since Your love always remains.

I may but hear ‘No thanks’,
While on this earth I run.
I’ll press on anyway,
And hope
You really meant ‘Well done.’


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