Things Jesus Never Had

Mustang GT

As far as I can tell, based on my understanding of Scripture and of historical evidence, there are things which Jesus had and things He did not. As God, He could have ‘called down angels’ to provide for any of His needs but He chose instead to live among us, as one of us. In spite of hardships, though, there is no mention in the Bible that Jesus ever complained or felt sorry for Himself.

Below, I have listed some of these ‘things’ as a reminder to myself for whenever I start having pity-parties, begin wishing for what I do not have or stray into questioning why things have not worked out the way I wanted. No matter how bad I may think I have it, I am truly blessed! God doesn’t mind us having things. He just wants us to love Him more than those things! As you read through the list, may your prayer be as mine:

‘Father, forgive me for my ingratitude of the blessings You bestow daily and the privilege of being born in an era of technological conveniences and comforts. Teach me to be more like You and to love people more than things!’


*Bottled water to drink whenever He became thirsty
*Indoor running water to use when His feet became dusty

*A Sleep Number bed on which to lay His head
*Fluorescent lamps to illuminate the scrolls that He read

*An iPhone to stay connected with family and friends
*Facebook to ‘Inbox’ His next of kin

*A Mustang GT in which to drive around town
*’Microwavable meals for the disciples to pass around

*A Stetson hat to be stylish and give Him shade from the heat
*High-speed internet so He could broadcast what He’d teach


*Dirty, unpaved roads on which to walk
*Highly outspoken critics who rarely heeded what He taught

*Crowds of followers, all needing help
*Little time to be by Himself

*Power to save and see sick people healed
*Enemies who plotted diligently to have Him killed

*Genuine friends who stood by Him to the end
*Betrayal by one supposed to be closest to Him

*The certainty of facing death on a cross
*Love for all mankind no matter the cost

“He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from Him…” Isaiah 53:3

Note: these lists are in no way meant to be exhaustive; rather, just a way to keep me grounded in gratitude!
**Photo by Chuck Stephens


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