Moments in the Storm, Part II

Tsunami new
At the conclusion of Part I, I pointed out that during our inevitable ‘moments in the storm’ others may misinterpret delays in our deliverance as a lack of faith. They don’t understand that a Sovereign God may instead be asking us to wait. We too may question why when we have believed, really believed, for a breakthrough that nothing changes. What we forget is that the exact moment we connect our faith with His will, the matter is concluded. It is a done deal! All that is left for us to do is to continue to trust as we wait for the fulfillment. His ways are not ours, nor is He confined by time. What He has promised will be fulfilled when He is ready and through ways He sees as best.

It is puzzling why, since God can perform instant deliverance, He doesn’t every time. The reason is that He receives great glory by teaching us how to overcome. In John 16:33, after He warns of the certainty of trials, Jesus goes on to encourage us, “…but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” We want the miraculous breakthrough, but what the world needs to see is Christ helping us overcome. Miracles, when they happen, are often scrutinized; whereas, overcoming faith is tangible and is a witness to those out there struggling, too. It is the kind of faith that puts Christ within reach. This kind of faith response during the storm enables us to stand back up after being knocked down, tunnel through when there doesn’t seem to be a way and even find joy in spite of it all! It may not be as flashy as ‘signs and wonders’ but nonetheless resounds with glory to the King!

Since they are coming, then, how do we best handle these ‘grievously distressing’ trials? When they hit, it is tempting to cave in to the overwhelming sense of darkness and doom. It feels almost easier to just give up and with outstretched arms allow the circumstances to wash over us like a tsunami coming ashore, destroying everything in its path.

During these stormy moments, everything really may be falling apart. In fact, it may not seem like a moment at all; rather, like an ongoing nightmare from which you cannot awaken. No matter what, though, try to remember that God is a fortress and a Rock of refuge. He shines in storms. He walks steadiest on the fiercest of waves. He bestows His peace in the roughest of seas. Rather than give up, hold on. Grasp hold of what He has promised and know that He is right by your side. Gradually, the intensity of the storm will diminish and light will return!

We all encounter rivers which seem ‘uncrossable’ and mountains we don’t think can be tunneled through. Yet, as the song reminds us, God really does ‘specialize in things thought impossible’ and really ‘can do things others cannot do.’ We wish that the storms would never come, but for those of us in Christ there is hope. There is coming a day when Jesus will calm all storms and we will not even remember the ones gone before. For now, we can take comfort in knowing that because He did, we will overcome and make it through all of our ‘moments in the storm.’ Praise be to God!

(Below, I posted a video by Meredith Andrews that is not the old hymn spoken about above but fits nicely with my post – enjoy!)


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