A Bucket of Dreams

Bucket with shackPhoto taken by Chuck Stephens

A Bucket of Dreams

So many dreams when I started,
Just kept thinking some would work out.
But they didn’t.

Somehow, they all dissipated,
Vanished away from whence they came.
Guess they couldn’t…

Make it from the start to finish
And overcome things that thwarted.
They just weren’t…

Meant to flourish and climb above
The dreary clutches failure brings.
Though they shouldn’t…

Since He ordained them all along,
Those promises birthed from His throne.
Seems He wouldn’t…

Take what I bore, then breathe His life
And mesh it with His purposes.
Or He hasn’t…

Finished all He has yet left
Undone, things only He can see.
And He isn’t…

Ready thus far for me to view
The big picture framed perfectly.
Right now ,He can’t.

When in heaven, He will unlock
Every detail He’s kept hidden.
For we haven’t…

Yet understood, our dreams are mere
Drops in a bucket by compare.
There, we shall not…

Ever question again, but will
See our dreams were but part of His plan.
At last, we’ll doubt not!


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